Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Strength – EMOM 8 @ 90% 1RM

Just to be clear. You set bar to the weight that is 90% and do same weight across all sets.


3 Rounds for time:
400 m Run
10 Clean and Jerks 135/95

Cash Out
10 Turkish Get Ups. Choose challenging weight.



  1. Strength – Push Press @ 175#

    WOD – 19:01 (175# C&J with 20# med ball runs)

    Who ever thought up med ball runs should be beaten…A lot!

    • Pretty sure you have no one to blame but yourself for this one :p

  2. Strength push press at 80 lbs

    WOD 12:55
    400 m row (instead of run)
    Clean and Jerk at 80 lbs – first time doing split jerks 🙂

    Turkish get ups at 25 lbs – these were hilarious!!

    • WOD : ditto to Jills….same time, same weight, same place 🙂

      Daily squat up to 170#

  3. Daily Squats

    CompWod strength/agility (deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, hurdle hops)

    Wod: Got sucked into Ray’s upscale with Christian and Jeff.
    15:34 at 115# and 400m runs with 14# med ball

    Good. Times. 🙂

  4. compwod strength of hurdle hops and deadlifts. followed by daily squat.

    upscaled wod at 155 and med ball done in 15:46. thanks for the push meg and chris, and well done 6:30 crew.

    my only savlation on this is i made the boot campers do a med ball run…and i blamed ray too. hah.

    • This Ray guy sounds like a Madman!

      Strikingly handsome and devious, but definately a diabolical Madman! Ha ha ha…