Thursday May 29, 2014

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Strength: On the minute, 10 x 100m sprint.


15 Deadlifts 225/155

20 Situps

100 Double Unders

Enjoy the sun!


  1. quick run thru of squats pre sprints

    anyone with a 30” leg should be giving me a head start, hah. great job all.

    wod 16:25, done with mininmal swearing. worked doubles into varying degrees.

    great job power hour.

  2. CompWod strength (bench press, front squats)

    Had time for a couple of sprints on the erg before the wod.

    Wod: 8:47 Rxd. Awesome power hour!

    After work 1500m light swim with Smac and Jeff. Calling a rest day tomorrow 😛

  3. jumped in with the 4:30 class… did 10 x 100m sprints on the rower

    wod: 12:22 i believe RX

    deadlifts were fine… doubleunders today… sucked, by the last round i couldn’t string too many together

    Great job everyone

  4. I was aiming for under 20, but I got 20:32, with 135# DL. I’m happy with it, cause my double unders were good today! Soon I will have you, soon…

    Nice work Doris, Steve, Mike and Amy!

  5. 10:?? Scaled to 185# DL. Sets of 5s worked nicely for me but had a tough day on the rope. I’ve been falling off my daily skipping, time to get it back going again.

  6. CompWOD Strength (Front Squats,Bench press)

    Busted my rope and am ordering a new one so I did a Comp WOD insteasd.

    10 Rounds
    30 cal row
    12 BJO’s
    Time: 29:01

    Cash Out – Sprawled on floor Time: 10:00