Monday, June 2, 2014

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The use of gloves on the black paint coated bars is no longer allowed. No exceptions or tape
The bars are getting ruined by the gloves. We bought many of the smoother non-painted bars for use with gloves.
If people clean up the non-coated bars after use the grip would be perfect

Strength 5x5x2 @ 80%

10 Toes 2 Bar
10 Box Jumps 30/24
10 Wall Balls 20/14


  1. Daily Squats

    Wod 7+20 Rx +10′ target for WBs

    Definatley still feeling the aftermath of Murph on Saturday.

    Awesome power hour!

  2. daily squat for strenght

    wod 8 + 1 rx’d. got a smack on the box jumps, been a while since i felt that fun pain of funness.

    awesome job to the noon crew.

  3. Skipped strength and tried to roll out some of the soreness from Saturday 🙂

    WOD : 6 rounds Rx ……Great job noon crew!!

  4. First WOD since surgery so I modified as follows:
    10 leg raises
    10 step ups (12″ box)
    10 push presses @ 45#
    Score: 7+27

    Strength: deadlifts @ 120 #

    Felt good to be back but I think I will be feeling it tomorrow!

  5. Skipped strength today… also on the lacrosse ball rehab treatment plan for my shoulder. First time wodding in a week and I could feel it – 6 rounds even, 10# WB. Had another box jump fail – need to start wearing shinpads for these! Nice work all!

  6. daily squats
    Strength: hang cleans 5×5 @ 100

    wod: modded
    toes to rings
    step ups
    goblet squats

    8 + 10