Tuesday June 3, 2014

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Power Cleans 135/95
200 m Run


  1. strength – squat clean up to 205.

    wod – frowny face, second time in my life a crossfitter that i had to bail on a wod. tweaked my hammy on the first set of 10. tried two more rounds one with the run then a rower, and opted out. lots of hammy smashing going on.

    cash out – amy murdered my leg. it was horrible, and i’m sure she was smiling the whole time.

    great job to the power hour though, lots of people gunning thru it.

    hope to be back tommorrow.

  2. Well if I had known before going to the 1pm wod that there would be so much running I may have driven my car instead of running to the gym! Guess I got an extra few miles in!!

    Great job 1pm crew and great job to Brit who did this Rx!!!!

  3. Strength was a miscommunication between Amy and I, ended up doing a mixture of push press and push jerk at varying weights.

    WOD: 21:48 RX, Amy made me.

    Nicely done 4:30!

  4. Daily Squats up to 195#

    Then worked on squat cleans.

    Wod: 15:38 @ 115#

    Muscle-ups after the wod. Still trying to kill my right arm chicken-wing…and the saga continues….

    Awesome effort 5:30 crew!

  5. Strength – 45# OHS, working up from the bar.

    Continuing my angst -filled relationship with power cleans. Now at 85# courtesy of Amy!

    WOD: 25:30, apparently I wanted coaching so badly that I miscounted reps.