Our Strength Program

Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in WOD | 8 comments

Hey team,
We are going to try something new starting Monday.

As you know, our current strength program offers a list that you follow and you pick from that list.

As of Monday, we will program the strength work for you, and will have everyone doing the same lifts, at the same time. We will cycle 6 selected lifts and will ensure that you experience a linear progression in your strength gains.

This will allow effective coaching of the one movement, offering tips to all.
You would still be welcome to join the group on a rest day. Get in, do your daily strength, then YOUR DAILY SQUATS, then go on your way or hit the WOD.

Again, this will start Monday.


  1. Love it! I missed this way of doing strenght!

  2. But this will make it so much harder to avoid overhead squats! 😉

    • Yes it will and you wanna believe I’ll make sure you’re doing them right.


  3. It’s. Short term trial and see what the feedback says.

    We’ve done it before. We found those who missed a few days here and there miss out on the lifts that are important to do along with this they find fun.

    To have effective strength training you need to attend regularly. It’s a no brainer.

    We do have a desire to stay with the list because it works and is very effective.

    This is just a test

  4. I like it! It’s a great way to get exposure to the lifts and better coaching since we get to focus on explaining one lift rather then 7 different ones. It’s a really good way for clients to get introduced to variations as well. For instance, pause squats, complexes, etc. It’s also great for more advanced lifts like OHS, Snatches and Cleans because everyone is getting the same explanation and multiple cues.

  5. I’m looking forward to trying this! I know a lot of gyms do this, I just hope my shifts will cooperate most of the time…

  6. Love this! I try to follow the schedule but always get off track….much easier when someone is telling me what to do 🙂

  7. Sounds like a plan. 🙂