Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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EMOM 7 – 2x @ 75% – Front Squat Pause (3 full sec pause below parallel. Keep muscle tight at bottom. Do not sit at bottom with unloaded quads)

Squat Cleans 95/65
400 m Run

Upscale – Hang Sq Cleans


  1. 12:49 Rx with lots of coaching from Amy. Then I stuck around and did the comp WOD, I will be sore tomorrow!

  2. Strength: 95#, small scolding for not listening to instructions. 🙂

    WOD: 14:54, row instead of run to do some extra shoulder work. Combination of power clean/squats and squat cleans.

    My upper quads would like to state that perhaps they could have been warmed up a bit more before this extravaganza.

  3. comp wod work today. big props to scottie u for sticking it out and keeping us on time. the team of christian, scottie and i, took this one apart. big thanks to them for keeping me going.

    the team of meg, ash and karen were like surgeons taking theirs apart as well.

    great job all.

    saw the board from the am and power hour classes. looked like a fun one.

  4. Awesome fun at 4:30 class! Front Squats with 135# for strength. WOD 15:02 Rx. Enjoyed this one! Great job everyone!