Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Max Box Jump Day
Make sure the surface and set up is approved by your coach prior to jumping on it

Beep Test

Every Minute On The Minute
4 Thrusters 75/55
4 Pull Up or 6 Ring Rows
4 Burpees

You rest the remainder of the minute and get ready to go again.
Go as long as you can.

Score is total reps. You are done when you don’t complete the required work within the minute.

Be careful with Box Jumps
They eat shins for lunch if you’re not focused



  1. Went for 15 rounds Rx then listened to the shoulder. Tasha was the energizer bunny today, great work!

  2. Seems I can jump the 24″ box. huh.

    WOD – did 5 rounds with ring rows; continued to do some additional, slower rounds as the clock went ’round for others.