Wednesday, July 2, 2013

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8 rounds Tabata Push Press 115/75
8 Rounds Tabata Push Jerk 115/75
Transition from on to other.


For Time:
30 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20
400m Run
15 Power Snatches, 135/95
400m Run
15 Power Snatches, 135/95
400m Run
30 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20


  1. First WOD after a long, long weekend – felt great! Strength – shoulder objected to the Tabata push presses so did some lacrosse ball work instead.

    WOD – 18:40, with 135# power cleans instead of the snatches. This was a fun workout – great job everyone!

  2. Kept 115# on the bar throughout the strength & WOD. WOD was 20:36. Tough workout after a long weekend of indulgence. i’ve only ever wiped out on the box 4 times in my crossfit career, 2 were today.
    good job everyone. good to be back.

    • Took a bit of a tumble myself… nothing crazy but it was one of those kind of days for sure!

  3. It was a 65# day.

    That strength sequence was a wonderful, you haven’t done a thing in 3 days reminder.

    WOD – 20:40. And I managed to forget the burpees on the last reps. I mean, forget that they existed. Came back in a blinding flash as I did my box jump. Hmm… Something is missing…oh frick.

    Is burpee blindness a thing?

  4. Those tabata rounds were rough, but felt good afterwards.

    WOD – 25:18

    I used 95# for my snatches but I felt like I could have done 105#. Huge shout out to Thomas and coach Meg for pushing me though the last minute and a half of this, every ounce of me wanted to stop and they kept me going though the burpee box jumps. Motivation and encouragement, especially in those moments where you just want to give up is 100% my favorite thing about Crossfit and the crew we have at CFSJ is some of the best around. Everyone else crushed this WOD, awesome job 5:30 peeps!

  5. This one kinda sucked 😀

    Did 75# for push press and the first two rounds of push jerk, then went down to 65#.

    WOD at 65# (a bit heavier for me – felt pretty good!) took me 19:38.

    Had to go stand outside by the bushes for a couple minutes thinking I might possibly vomit… I think it is the post weekend detox haha