Friday, July.11, 2014

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5 min Double Under work
Then 5 mins on working on Clean transitions.
1 piece pick up to second pull and rack it. With a dowel or empty bar


4 Minutes at Each Station:
Clean and Jerk 135/95
Row (Calories)
HR Push Ups


  1. Ahhh, double under practice with new evil rope. Just when you think you have it going great it gives you a little “how’s it going?” across the calves…Son of @#$>:( Good Times!

    Think Coach Meg had another PR day?

    Fun WOD dualing with Karen and Meg on the C&J, Rower, and hatefull HR Push ups. Sweaty Mess!

    Great job Power Hour as usual.

  2. Happy Friday!

    Double under PR at 106 🙂

    Wod: Rxd 157 I believe. Thx for the clean and jerk battle Ray. I could have squeezed a few more out if I hadn’t been loosing precious breath laughing 😉

    Cash out – a whole lot of t2bs

    Awesome power hour!