Monday, August 11, 2014

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New River Beach WOD will be this Saturday morning at 10am.
There will be some fun WODs, food, and perhaps some beverage.
Please schedule yourself for event so we know how many will be attending.
Directions will be offered soon.


Back Squat 5x3x1 @75%

Power Snatches 95/65
400 m Run (between sets)


  1. Did the first round as CJ, finished the other rounds as burpees. Time was 10:36. Protecting some tightness in the shoulder, although it felt good to push weight above my head again.

  2. Back squats @ 135
    WOD 9:17 Rx
    Beautiful day to be out running 🙂
    Great job power hour!

  3. Backsquats @ 155#
    WOD: 11:20ish with 115# cleans instead of snatches
    Cashout: two minute plank with Scott
    Double cashout: 5 GHD

    Nice work all! Good start to the week!

  4. In with Chris and Ray to work on D-Town comp wod stuff. Did OHS for strength to warm them up for relay wod. Unfortunately this didn’t prevent an ohs induced temper tantrum mid-wod. Blah.

    After that Chris convinced us that we might as well do the scheduled wod too (despite already smoked firearms. Yuck.) 8:48 Rxd. I liked that one…want to do it again fresh someday soon.

  5. Strength : 125# back squats

    WOD: 12:24 Rx’d, runs were SLOW today 🙂
    Cash out : Scotty’s 2 min plank!!

    Great job noon crew!!

  6. Strength – back squats at 90#; more next time

    WOD – 13:51 Rxd

    First time I’ve done an Rx WOD. Yay!

    Good to see the noon peoples again. 🙂

    Oh, I didn’t participate in Scotty’s plank madness….next time.

  7. Back squat 135 – wrapping the knee helped a lot – no soreness
    14:38 used 45# bar for snatches – slowly bringing shoulder up to strength.
    A little tightness after a few hours but some mobility in morning should help.
    Going to take my time on this recovery.