Friday, September 5, 2014

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Front Squat 3×10 – 2.5mins @ 60%


Up Ladder of:
Power Clean 185/135
Muscle Up/Chest 2 Bar/Pull Up

1,1; 2,2; 3,3…..and so on until you hit your limit

AMRAP 3 – Sprint touches.


  1. Strength – started with 85# front squats, then increased to 95#


    6 rounds plus one

    Power cleans with, shall we say, an assortment of weights – 85# to 100#. Pullups with green+red bands.

    CASH OUT – remedial power clean detention with Coach Amy presiding, assiance from Karen and Sarah too. It got better…ish. 🙂

  2. 7 rounds @ 135# with C2B pullups. First time doing C2B in over a year. Shoulder was tight and sore, but at least I could get my shoulder into position. Sprints were 49.

  3. Strength: Kept the squats fairly light at 80#, had to take a break due to a tight back muscle.
    WOD: 9+12 at 85# and pull ups. Really enjoyed this one, collar bones did not.

    Nice job to the 530 crew who did the cash out! I did DU’s instead, with the marks to prove it.