Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Deadlift 5x3x1@65%


100 Double-Unders
50 Strict Presses (95/65)
* Every time you break the presses, 30 DU’s

Post Weights and Times to Comments.

Neil working with Kettlebells



  1. Pre: 1K Row
    Strength: 225#. Could have gone a bit heavier i think but on Monday i did 5×5 @ 255# and didn’t want to push the low back too hard this soon. 225#’s felt good!

    WOD: 13:38 Rx’d. Seriously one of the most challenging WOD’s i’ve ever done. i think i’d rather do 14.5. Shoulders are def my weak spot, so as much as it sucked, it’s a good one for me. i should do this again in a month or so to see any improvement. torture!!

    Greagt job nooners!

  2. Holy hell. I looked at the clock after finishing my first 10 reps thinking this isn’t so bad. Then reality set in that i have not done any shoulder strength in forever. 14:30 Rx. That was crazy difficult. I’ll be joining SMAC in a month for sure. Best DU WOD I’ve done in a long time, each penalty set of 30 was unbroken except for one. And that was probably 10 sets.

  3. Strength 175# – felt really good – yay Deadlifts 🙂

    WOD 10:37 @ 55 #

    I still do not have DU’s so it was a lot of singles (somewhere around 750 total) but I loved this WOD!!! Strict press felt good and the skipping was a good burner.

    Great work 430 crew!

  4. Deadlifts at 135#.

    WOD – 12:08 with single skips and 55#

    My brain wanted to do this faster, but my arms said pfffft.

    First workout with Coach Sheri! 🙂

    • You did a great job!! Holy fast singles!!

      • Someday, those singles will magically turn into doubles right??? 😉

        Yes, I know. Practice.