Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Split Jerk Work 5x3x1 – Footwork Drills, followed by empty bar.
The intent is to work in from/technique, not about weight.

Tabata – 8 Rounds 20/10
Front Squats
Push Press

Spicy 95/65
Suicide 135/95

MJ notes: the intent of this workout is to learn how to engage hip drive when fatigued.
The Deads are the fastest part. Performed well you can get some high reps without injury. PC adds the technical move, front squat is the hard work.
Push Press is the targeted movement. Work on straight bar path. During your dip, work hard to keep that vertical torso as it promotes a straight bar path for more efficiency and control. Hip drive is the most important part of getting bar to the lockout.

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  1. Strength:
    Stuck with 85#, my split jerk needs a lot of work.
    Total: 198 Rx.

    Deads and PC felt great, front squats were hard, push press were brutal.

    Nice work 6 am! 😀