Friday, February 13, 2015

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Power Snatches 5x5x1@60%

“Friday 13th”

For Time

Squat Cleans 155/115
Pull Ups


  1. WOW! That is going to be an epic WOD!!

    • I am not happy that the burpees look like the funnest part of this….yikes.

    • As I suspected, a perfectly wonderful squat clean day messed up by bucking furpee’s…

      WOD – 16:43 @ Rx’d

      Everyone pushed hard on this one today. Very Cool!

      Carol’s last 9 burpee’s were ridiculously fast thus I hate her now…ha ha ha

      • Ha!

        Oddly, I will celebrate being good enough at anything to draw your hatred Mister Ray. 🙂

  2. Epic is right. Of course this is one of the few days ever in life that I have to hit the early class.

    19:08 Rxd – This wod stole my soul at 6am. And on a Friday. It was like I was moving through cement. But I was “happy” to get it in at least.

    Great job to MJ and Mike G who grinded through this with me this morning. Huge shout out to the regular 6am peeps…I don’t understand how to lift heavy that early.

  3. OMFG.

    The power snatch work at the front end of this monstrosity felt like a delicate butterfly in comparison to the WOD. 65#

    WOD – went on for-ev-er. 19:33 I think, with 85# and ring rows. As I guessed, the burpees were indeed the rest component of this…thing.

    Nice work Sarah with the squat cleans. Mine were a little squat clean, a little clean, a little squat. It varied.

    Woot burpees. sigh.

  4. Strength: 55#

    WOD: 17:04 ish, 85# for the squat cleans.

    Great work 530 crew!

  5. strength – used 95 and worked on some drills at the same time

    wod – 16:24 rx’d. quite a few breaks as my legs were already wrote. but a great wod. good 530 crew working it out.