Monday, February 16, 2015

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Back Squat 5x5x1@70%

10 Pull Up
15 Sit-ups
30 Squats

5 Muscle Ups / 10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
10 Power Snatch 115/85
50 Double Unders



  1. Wod B
    Rxd with ring mups 3+2

    Mups felt more effortful today than they have recently but the snatches felt great.

    Great job power hour!!

  2. Great job noon crew!!!
    WOD B
    3+15 c2b and 65lb snatch
    DU during WOD tricky today. Thank you for the coaching post WOD Amy! PR on DU of 72!!

  3. Strength – Started at 225# x 5 and ended on 315 x 5.

    WOD – First snatch WOD in a loooong time. Took my time and just tried to not look to goofy doing them again. Felt great!

    Cash out – Bench press (225# x5)

    Great to meet Cory today and the watch the noon crew kick a$$!

  4. Strength- back squat 95# 5×5
    Then wod A- 5 rounds + 6 pullups! Yayyyyy first time doing a wod with unassisted pullups since having baby!I have three blisters but I’m so proud. Thanks for the encouragement meg! And great job 4:30 crew 🙂

    • You destroyed those pull ups! No more band for you 😉

  5. Back Squat at 95# – time to move this up a squinch, I think.

    WOD A = 8+10 with bar rows instead of pull ups.

    Nice to see you 4:30 🙂