Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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500m Row A. Sub 1:55/2:10. B. Sub 1:40/1:55

Strength – Push Press – 5x5x1@60%


30-20-10 (15 Min Cap)

  • Thrusters { (A. 75/55) (B. 95/65)}
  • Kettlebell Swings 55/35
  • Skipping {(A. x2 Singles) (B. Double)}


Elisha took on her first competition last weekend sting our Maritime Spring Fling. And she made it to the final!! Give her an atta girl next time you see her!


  1. Great job Elisha!
    Wod A: 11:27
    What a burner have to work on the dubs when I’m gassed… Gets me every time
    Awsome morning crew all killed it under the time cap

  2. Well that was a spicy way to spend lunch hour.

    Row 1:46 (no PR today)

    Push presses up to 110#

    Wod B – 7:49 Rxd

    Awesome as ways Power hour!

    • And amazing job to Elisha! So glad you decided to compete! We’re onto you now 😉

  3. That was a lot of thrusters…

    Row – 1:3?

    Push presses @ 135#

    WOD B – 9 or 10 something. F’d up watching my time. Meg and Tash took this one apart. Meg did 30 unbroken to start! Wow.

    Great job everyone!!