Phil Knee – May 2015 – Member Of The Month

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 Member of the Month – May 2015


Phil Knee


Phil is an integral member of Crossfit Saint John and has been crushing WODs with us for 3 years. His consistent efforts and hard work are paying off as he continues to improve in all aspects of Crossfit. He’s lost an awesome 35lbs and continues to dramatically improve his health and fitness. Phil is always one of the first to lend a hand when something needs to get done around the gym and he is a huge  part of the reason our Bentley St. location is the facility it is. Also known for his superhero tops that inspire extra efforts.  

We’re lucky to have him as part of our community. Congrats Phil!



Tell us a bit about yourself.


I’m married to fellow crossfitter Jill and have one crazy kid, Emmett.  I have worked at Irving oil for a little over 10 years.  Curling is my winter sport and I have just started cycling.  Random fact is that I am a handy kind of guy who likes to build things. 


What were you doing for fitness before Crossfit?


I had a membership at Goodlife but it was far too easy to be unmotivated and either not go or not put in a solid effort. 


When did you start Crossfit?


I have been a member for 3 years.


What made you start Crossfit and did you have any specific goals when you started?


Mike and my wife’s insistent pestering that I should join finally persuaded me.  My starting goal was to be more consistent with my attendance and commitment to the gym. 


Have you achieved those goals and what achievements are you most proud of?


I have achieved that goal and so much more.  I am proud of my overall fitness improvement and recent weight loss.  


Favorite WOD?




Least favorite WOD?


Fran – damn thrusters


Favorite lift?


Dead lifts


Least favorite lift?


Damn thrusters


If you were to create your favorite WOD, what would it look like?


Something with Box jumps, deadlifts and power cleans. 


What are your current goals for the future? 


I would really like to master du’s, muscle ups and hand stand pushups.  Outside the box I am considering doing a Tri and running a marathon but not sure I have the attention span to run for 3 hours. 


What do you enjoy most about CFSJ?


Whether you are the first or last person to finish the WOD there is always someone there to push you on and give you encouragement.  The variety of work outs makes it challenging and we have a great community with good coaches. 


Do you have any advice for someone who may be considering beginning Crossfit?


Do it.  Whether you are fit, not fit, or have nagging injury crossfit has something for everyone and CFSJ can tailor a work out to suit your needs. 













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  1. Congratulations PHIL KNEE! Keep up the fantastic effort!!!