September 2015 Member Of The Month

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Mike Hugenholtz

Mike joined the CFSJ community a little over 2 years ago. Since then he’s proved himself to be a committed, hard-working athlete and a great support to anyone taking on the daily wod with him. Mike’s made fantastic progress in his fitness and most recently you can find him swinging from the rings stringing muscle-ups together or crushing everyone in a triathlon. CFSJ is lucky to have you, Mike. Congrats!

 Tell us a bit about yourself (family, job, sports, interests, random facts)

 I’m married with two kids and a fur child. I am an engineer by training and currently work for the City of Saint John in a management role. I love the outdoors and enjoy getting out hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing in the winter time.  

 What were you doing for fitness before Crossfit?

 Ha ha… not much! When the kids were younger I had convinced myself that I didn’t have time for fitness. I was very sedentary and was packing on the pounds.

 When did you start Crossfit?

 I started Crossfit sometime in the spring of 2013.

 What made you start Crossfit and did you have any specific goals when you started?

 There were a few reasons why I decided to start Crossfit. I was approaching 40 and felt I needed to shake it up a bit. I also wanted to improve my fitness so I could continue to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking without dying in the process! 😉

 Have you achieved those goals and what achievements are you most proud of?

 I did not have any specific goals but I feel like a different person now. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and have vastly improved my overall fitness. Most of all Crossfit has given me the confidence to attempt other challenges like Mud Run type events and triathlons. 

Favorite WOD?

 Anything with a lot of pullups, bodyweight movements or heavy cleans & deadlifts

 Least favorite WOD?

 Anything with double-unders or squats/thrusters

Favorite lift?

 Deadlifts & cleans

 Least favorite lift?

 Squats of any sort… especially overhead squats – gross!!

 What are your current goals for the future? (PRs, skills, any sports/ events outside of Crossfit etc)

 One of my goals is someday to master double-unders. I need to improve my squatting, and would love to be able to string together more MUPS. My real goal is just to continue going week after week and to stay active and fit.

 What do you enjoy most about CFSJ?

 No question – the community!! From the first time I stepped into the box when it was on Water Street I was warmly welcomed by the members and coaching staff. People always have an encouraging word to say and the atmosphere is very friendly and supportive.  

 Do you have any advise for someone who may be considering beginning Crossfit?

Just do what you can, and modify as necessary. Your only competition should be that voice inside your head telling you to quit. Keep at it and you will see results – guaranteed!













  1. Nice work Mike!

  2. Well deserved mike!! I always enjoy working out with you 😉 you’re insane at pull-ups by the way!