December 2015 Member Of The Month

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Member Of The Month December 2015
Geoff Hamilton!
Geoff has come a long way since he first started with us. 
He’s made dramatic changes to both his performance and his body. 
He is often the first to offer assistance with projects or social activities and is a great asset to our community. 
Below is his story. 
*Tell us a bit about yourself (family, job, sports, interests, random facts)-I am Married for 5 years to coach Meg (*high five*), with a little one on the way in april. I enjoy traveling and boating on the SJ river, and play a bit of guitar. Lately I have been enjoying some wood working by building simple furniture pieces.Professionally, I was trained by the coast guard but I now work for a marine oil spill response organization


*What were you doing for fitness before Crossfit?-I was going to the goodlife 2 or 3 times a week but it was getting pretty mundane and I wasn’t seeing any results.

*When did you start Crossfit?-February of 2013

*What made you start Crossfit and did you have any specific goals when you started?-I decided to start crossfit about a year after Meg started. I was seeing how much fun she was having and I wanted to be a part of it. My goals at the beginning were probably the same as most. I wanted a fun way to stay active, and lose a bit of weight.
*Have you achieved those goals and what achievements are you most proud of?-I have surpassed those goals and then some; everything we do at crossfit is so measurable, the best part is tracking your progress and seeing how far youʼve come.

*Favourite WOD? 

-Fran – I mean thrusters suck…. but in a good way, and I like pull-ups. 
*Least favorite WOD? 

-Diane.. deadlifts and hand stand pushups – evil

*Favourite lift?Snatch! Itʼs so satisfying taking a weight from the ground to directly overhead
*Least favorite lift?-Deadlift…. I know… most ppl love those.
*If you were to create your favourite WOD, what would it look like?-Probably something with hang snatches, pull ups, and maybe wall-balls… just a few wall balls though, letʼs not get crazy.
*What are your current goals for the future?-To get a damn bar MUP! They have been my white whale for too long. I also want to see my squat PR go up.
*What do you enjoy most about CFSJ?-The people.The community at CFSJ is amazing. I have met some of my best friends there, and the atmosphere is alway encouraging. If someone kills a WOD, I love seeing them come right back to the floor to cheer and encourage the others on.
*Do you have any advice for someone who may be considering beginning Crossfit?-If you are considering it, just try it, you wont regret it. You may hear some negativity in the world about crossfit, but ignore that, try it for yourself. The coaches at CFSJ are friendly, knowledgable and always have your safety in mind.

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  1. Great job Geoff!! keep up the good work- well deserved 😉 you’ll have that muscle up any day now!