Friday, January 29, 2016

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PreWOD – 3 Rounds

  • 50 ft Inch Worms
  • 50 ft Butpee Broad Jumps

Strength – Press 5x5x1@60%


Death By Front Squats

A. 95/65 B. 115/85

Once you top out, you start going back down the ladder until the last person is done, or you hit 1. 

Keep moving. Tough it out. Cheer each other on. Find your true physical limits. 



  1. First day back after vacation and thought I’d die!

    Pre wod fun

    Pressed at 55#

    Wod B
    13 rounds + 9 reps

    Legs are dead haha. Thanks for the motivation 6am class! Great work Ash. Hope your legs are working better than mine haha

  2. Wod B 13+12
    My legs were smoked from front squats on Wednesday going into this. Now things are just so much worse! Great fun haha
    Awesome push this morning everyone.
    Good luck to Keegan and Mitch this weekend at the Blizzard Beatdown!

  3. Death by Front Squat , one of my favourites 🏋🏼!

    14 + 10 WOD B

    Post WOD : Bath + Epson salts + wine 😜

    Great job everyone !!