Friday, February 26, 2016

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The Open has begun and the WODs will be the daily WOD on Fridays. 

CLICK HERE for full WOD, demo, and details. 
Even if you’re not registered for the Open, take on the WOD. Scale where appropriate. 

One request. Respect our equipment. This WOD requires the use of the thinner plates and some may be using an empty bar. The Open is fun and people get amped up, but reckless abuse of equipment will end your WOD early. No dropping of empty bar or you can own it for the low price of only $400. 🙂

Lanes have been set up for athletes being judged  for the open. Please ensure bar control. 



  1. Six rounds even for 16.1 scaled with 75#

  2. I did the Rx version hoping to get one round of C2B in… I ended up getting 2 rounds plus 21! Was pretty excited about this one! 🙂

    Great work to everyone that has or will be taking on 16.1!