Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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PreWOD –

  • 500 m Row or 400 m Run

Strength – Back Squat 5x5x1@70%+


4 Rounds:

  • 15 Deadlifts A. 155/105 B. 225/155
  • 15 Burpee Box Jump Overs A. 24/20   30/24

Core Cashout

Accumulate 4 minutes in each of the following:

  • Front Plank
  • Side Plank L
  • Side Plank R

Coach’s Notes: Squat should start around 70% and work your way up – if it feels good go for a 5RM otherwise just work up to what feels good for today. 

WOD should be quick – target time is 8-12 minutes – scale deadlifts appropriately they don’t need to be unbroken but you shouldn’t need to rest long between sets.

One Comment

  1. All killer no filler today! Back squats @ 135#. Took on the ‘B’ version of this WOD for a time of 15:17. I dunno what what harder, the deadlifts or the burpee box jump-overs. Then a core cash out to top it off!

    Nice work 4:30 crew – there were lots of big efforts today!!