Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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PreWOD – 3 Rounds

  • 15 Pushups
  • 50 Single Skips/25 per leg
  • 30s Dead 

Strength – 

WOD – This is a workout in Maritime Mayhem. If you’re even remotely thinking about signing up, just do it. Limited time to register

With a 4 min window:

  • 30/24 Cal Row 
  • 12 Hang Snatches
  • Max Lateral Burpees Over Bar. 

Rest 1 Min

Another 4 min window: 

  • 30/24 Cal Row 
  • 9 Hang Snatches
  • Max Lateral Burpees Over Bar


  • RX/Scaled/Masters Men – 30 Cals
  • RX/Scaled/Masters Women – 24 Cals
  • IB Men/Women 24/18 Cal

Hang Snatch Weight

  • RX 135/95
  • Sc/M – 95/65
  • IB – 65/45

Row – Judge will ensure Erg is set to Cal measurement. You can set damper to what you want. Default will be 5. All athletes will start standing at base of Erg. At 3,2,1 Go, you’ll take a seat, feet strapped in and start rowing. Cannot let go of grip until the Cal goal is displayed on monitor. Deliberately replace grip in holster. Ghost riding the grip to damper will result in 15 second penalty served by sitting on Erg. 

Hang Snatches – Rep starts from the Hang at hips. Cannot pick bar up, pause at knee and continue Overhead. From hang, bar cannot go below knees, one continuous motion Overhead. Bar cannot stop at rack position for a press out. Bar cannot at anytime after hitting Knees, go towards floor. Bar cannot touch head. Rep is complete once knees, hip, and elbows are locked out with bar over midline. 

Power, Squat, or Muscle Snatches are allowed when performed from Hang. Knees cannot touch floor. 

Burpees – Chest must touch floor, two foot take off, feet cannot touch bar, body does not need to lockout at any time. Rep counts when feet land on opposite side of bar.