Thursday, November 9, 2017

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Happy 8th Birthday! CFSJ officially opened its doors on the date in 2009. Union Street location. Memories. 

Many things have evolved. And we couldn’t be prouder of everyone. Thank you to some of our long time loyal members who are still around killing it. 

Today we do the first WOD that was posted in the new site of the day. Previous entries were lost. 

Inserting PreWOD that didn’t exist at the time:

2 Rounds

  • 200m light jog/250 Row/600m Bike
  • 1 Round of Cindy

“Strength EMOM 2 – 5RM Push Press – find 5 rep max. Increase weight each set of 5


3 Rounds – 20 min cap

  • 50 Walking Lunges
  • 100 meter Standing Broad Jump
  • Row 200 metres

The length of a mat is approx 2 m. 

Here’s the link to archived post

January 12, 2010