How to Join

Time is ticking, why wait any longer? Joining us is as easy as 3, 2, 1, go!

Step 1

Register for a FREE trial session by clicking HERE Get ready to have a fitness experience like no other. You’ll get a taste of what we offer, and a great idea of what our community is all about.  After you fall in love with it…If you’re already eager to begin, skip to Step 2.

Step 2

Sign up for our KICKSTART PROGRAMEvery member goes through the Kickstart Program, even if you’re from another affiliate.  We need to assess your skill development to make sure we can work with you safely. These sessions are held over4 week, on Tuesday and Thursdays and we teach the fundamental movements to CrossFit.
Complete your Kickstart Program then…

Step 3

Join our monthly membership. We offer two programs. Now you just need to decide what sessions work best for you. Our Ultimate Membership Pogram involves the olympic lifts, bodyweight movements, cardiovascular and gymnastic movements. We offer a great schedule that accomodates the early riser or the one who wants to get a session in after work. You will meet an amazing group of people who are welcoming and motivating. The rules are: Come early, train hard, encourage others, and eat well.  Pretty simple.