What Is CrossFit?


In Short: We offer you excellent programming, taught by expert/experienced coaches, and an amazing community to train with, in the largest facility around the area, and more than the results you want!

We were the first in Saint John. We are also the largest and most experienced.

In Long: CrossFit is a community-based fitness program that can get you into the best shape of your life. It takes the best of all forms of exercising and combines them into high-intensity workouts. Weightlifting, gymnastics movements, body weight exercises and endurance (such as running and rowing) are all included in our programming. Everything is done in a coached environment, which helps keep things safe, motivating, and competitive. All of the workouts can be scaled to your own ability which means the beginners are challenged as much as the advanced athletes. CrossFit can produce incredible results, is never boring, and always challenging.

We invite everyone who is interested in trying it out in for a free introductory session. These sessions are held every Saturday at:

• 9:00 A.M.

During these sessions, you’ll meet with one of our coaches who can tell you more about our program, provide you with some coaching on a few basic CrossFit movements, and actually let you try a workout to see how you like it. Would you like to come in this week to try it out?

To find out more about CrossFit, download the free journal article link on the bottom of the screen.